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What is included in all packages:

Setting the scene:

Each princess provides themed background music to set the mood for the party; you may use your speaker if you wish, however the princess has a magical music box of her own as well. Princesses usually arrive with a handler who works to run the technical aspects of the performance so that the princess may focus fully on interacting with the guests.

Meet and greet:

The princess will make a grand entrance of your choosing and spend a few minutes introducing herself and getting to know the guests! This is an excellent opportunity to snap a picture of your child meeting a real princess for the first time!

Interactive Story time:

The princess will tell her fairy tale, but she’ll need a little help from

the children! Interactive story times include play acting, singing, and

of course, helping to tell the story with the princess!

Live Sing-a-long:

No party is complete without singing and dancing! Your child will

sing along and dance to the beat as the princess performs a signature

song for the guests!

Mini Makeovers:

Helping everyone look their royal best! The princess will provide each

guest with a lovely themed makeover using quality products that are

gentle on the skin and are removed easily with water. Both girls and

boys are invited to participate! A typical makeover includes eye-shadow and lip-gloss (with 100% cotton, recyclable brushes!) and a pretty blush to complete the look for girls; boys may choose a themed design (ex: “Snowman face” with the Snow Queen, or traditional Nordic designs), or a temporary tattoo.


Please note: Makeovers are limited by the number of children and time purchased. Makeovers may be simplified for larger parties.



Themed Games and Dances:

Our princesses come ready to play themed games with your little royals! Our games are inclusive and lightly physical to encourage active bodies and minds!

Royalty Training:

It is not enough to look like royalty, one must act like it, too! Our princesses are highly skilled in the arts of Pleases and Thank Yous, and Masters of the Bow and the Curtsy, and they can’t wait to teach your little ones!

A Pixie Dust Wishing Ceremony:

Birthday parties include a wishing ceremony for the birthday child and everyone is invited to participate! Join the princess as she helps the birthday child and all of their guests make their wishes with the help of some magical pixie dust! 

Certificate of Royalty:

The princess will sign a very special themed certificate for the birthday child to commemorate their special day!

Coloring pages:

Every child will get a signed coloring page from the princess.

Crayons/markers/pencils are not provided.

Singing Happy Birthday:

For birthday parties, the princess will lead the guest in singing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday child and even assist in cutting the cake at the parents request!

Photo Time:

Each princess will take photos with the birthday child, their family and their guests during a small photo session. Unlimited photography opportunities are available throughout the entire visit and we encourage you to capture these special memories on film!

Please Note:

Our actors will work hard to get as many activities in the allotted time as possible, however we value quality over quantity; we do not guarantee every activity will be performed at every party. Activities may be extended or cut short based on parent requests, party circumstances, or time constraints.


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Additional recommendations and services:

Face Painting:

Get ready for some sparkle and glitter! Professional face painting is available with many character packages. Our painters use FDA approved, hypoallergenic products and cosmetic glitters to enhance your party with a fun and safe experience! Want a little extra glitz and glamour? Additional "bling" packages are available.

This option requires 30-minutes per every twelve (12) children, in addition to the 60-minute minimum package. Contact us for rates and availability.

Signature Crafts:

Creating a keepsake of your special day can be magical! The Enchanting Encounters Signature Craft is our Fairy Wand: characters guide children as they assemble their very own glittering wand using colorful and textural ribbons, bells, and a sparkling pompom! All parts of the craft kit are lovingly assembled in our studio to match your visiting characters' theme.
This option requires 30-minutes per every thirty (30) children, in addition to the 60-minute minimum package. Rates vary per actual number of children participating.

Crowns, Tiaras, and Custom Party Hats:

Our in-house artists would love to create a beautiful custom party hat for your little one to cherish on their special day! Or if it's sparkle you're after, we have a beautiful selection of rhinestone crowns and tiaras available!

Have a special request? Ask us! We strive our best to meet the needs of every individual event!


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